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All orders must be placed 24 hours before. Please call 021 141 4869 to place your orders.
Payment via bank transfer only.
We only offer store pick up.
Only Sandringham shop will be open in Level 3.

Snacks packs

5 Rolls pack (Chicken or Fish or Veg): $10
5 Pastry pack (Chicken or Fish or Veg): $10
5 Veg Samosa pack: $10
5 Fish Bun pack: $10
20 Uludu wada pack: $16
20 Masala wada pack: $16

String Hoppers pack

50 string hoppers: $20
Dhal Curry: $8
Chicken curry: $12
Coconut Sambol - Small: $4  Large: $8

Lunch Packs

Rice with devilled Chicken, 2 veg curries, Dhal curry: $14
Fried Rice: $12
Biriyani Rice large pack: $55 (serves 4-5 people)
Koththu (Egg or Chicken): $14
Pittu: $10

St Anthony's Food - Sandringham


Rolls (Chicken, Lamb, Fish, Veg, Egg)
Deep fried, golden crispy rolls stuffed with tender pieces of chicken, lamb, fish, vegetables with Sri Lankan curry.


Pastry (Chicken, Egg, Fish, Veg)
Flaky golden brown puff pastry with delicious Sri Lankan chicken, fish, egg or vegetable stuffing.


Vegetable Roti
Crispy wheat roti pockets stuffed with delicious vegetable curry. (vegetarian)


Wade (Ulundu, Masala)
A popular Sri Lankan street food with a golden and crispy crust and a soft core, perfect with coconut chutney.


Golden and crispy snack filled with savoury vegetable curry.


Buns (Fish, Veg)
Soft and fluffy golden brown buns stuffed with hearty vegetable or fish curry


Seeni Sambol Bun (Onion)
Soft and fluffy golden brown buns filled with savoury caramelised onion.


Sugar Bun
A sweet and soft bun, topped with sugar glaze and sprinkled with sugar.


Egg Roti
A crispy grilled flat bread stuffed with savoury omelette.


Onion Bajia (100g)
A popular mouth-watering snack, onions coated in gram batter infused with herbs and spices, fried until golden brown.


Roast Bread
A popular Sri Lankan style bread roasted until crispy and flaky, perfect with any type of gravy.


Chicken Sausage roll



$14 Meal
White rice with three mouth-watering vegetable curries and a choice of meat or prawns.


Biryani rice with delicious vegetable curry and a choice of meat or prawns.


Noodles with mouth-watering vegetable curry and a choice of meat or prawns.


Idly (5 pcs with chutney & sambar)
Fluffy savoury steamed samolina cake, perfect with Sambar or chutney.


Pittu (2 pcs)
One of the most popular traditional Sri Lankan dishes; Savoury, crumbly rice flour and coconut steamed cakes, perfect with gravy.


Parotha (5 pcs)
Crispy and soft flatbread, perfect with curries.


Godthamba Roti (5 pcs)
A popular Sri Lankan grilled flat bread, perfect with any type of curry.


String hoppers (25 pcs)
A popular traditional Sri Lankan dish: a lacework of roasted rice flour noodles, perfect with any type of gravy.



Egg Curry
Hard boiled eggs cooked in an aromatic yellow curry.


Any Vegetable Curry
Our vegetables curries include mixed vegetable Stir fry, chop-suey or a thick gravy veg curry, mixed with fragrant spices. (Please ask our friendly staff for the curries of the day.)


Cashew Nuts Curry


Chicken Curry
Lightly fried, succulent chicken pieces cooked in St. Anthony's special Sri Lankan red curry paste topped with herbs.


Deviled Chicken


Fish Curry
Marinated fish pieces sautéed with garlic, herbs and thickened gravy.


Lamb Curry
Tender New Zealand lamb pieces, slow cooked in special Sri Lankan curry paste.


Prawns Curry
Lightly fried juicy prawns cooked in tantalizing sweet and sour Sri Lankan thickened gravy.


Cakes and Desserts

Cake menu varies every week, please ask our friendly staff for availability. Prices vary with the size of the cake, each cake piece is priced between $3.00-$4.00.

For Custom cakes or Birthday Cakes please contact our friendly staff at least 48 hours prior to the event.

Strawberry Pudding
Creamy vanilla and strawberry pudding , topped with fresh cream.

Mango lassi pudding
Creamy mango lassi and yoghurt pudding, topped with fresh cream.

Chocolate mousse
Rich and creamy dark chocolate mousse topped with fresh cream and chocolate flakes.

Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry/ Pineapple Swiss roll

Classic Vanilla cake
Soft and fluffy classic Vanilla sponge cake with silky vanilla meringue butter-cream icing.

Classic Chocolate cake
Soft and fluffy classic Chocolate sponge cake with rich chocolate meringue butter-cream icing.

Coffee cream cake
Soft coffee cake with coffee and chocolate glaze in between layers, topped with coffee cream icing and roasted cashew pieces.

Butterscotch cake
Delicious butterscotch cake with creamy butter cream icing, butterscotch sauce and honey roasted cashew pieces in between layers.

Pineapple cake
Soft pineapple cake with cream cheese icing and juicy pineapple pieces in between layers.

Black forest cake
Dark chocolate cake with rich cherry sauce, creamy white icing and juicy cherry pieces in between layers.

Pani Caju Cake
Caramalized peanut and coconut treacle cake Delicious coconut treacle cake with honey butter-cream topped with caramelized cashew and peanut shards.

Menu (including prices) for St Anthony's Food may have changed since the last time the website was updated. does not guarantee prices or the availability of menu items at St Anthony's Food. Please contact St Anthony's Food at (09) 846 8185 to confirm the availability and pricing of menu items.